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Welcome to this website which we have created to assist potential candidates for the role of Secretary General for the Church of England.

Our current Secretary General  is retiring at the end of November 2015 after 13 excellent years in the role.  The Archbishops and their Council are now looking for an exceptional individual to take up this important and challenging post. It is a critical  time for the Church of England as we embark on our programme of Renewal and Reform to keep our Church as a national presence.

We are in the process of ratifying the details of the role with our Stakeholders. The Job Description you will see, gives the general sense of the role – however more details will be added after key meetings later in the month. As I see it, the key priorities of the role are:

  • To ensure the highest quality services to General Synod, Archbishops’ Council  and House of Bishops
  • Drive the most effective and efficient operations through  the Archbishops Council  staff
  • To co-ordinate the management of the various change  programmes of the CofE
  • Promote the most effective collaboration between National Church Institutions,  Dioceses and other  church bodies
  • Organise and prioritise the  resources  of the church to meet the long terms strategic goals and to lead specific initiatives where required
  • Forge  optimal liaison with Parliamentary,  Governmental, Ecumenical   and other relevant bodies
  • To safeguard the reputation  of the Church of England

For this role, we are seeking a special kind of leader – somebody who will share our values and who is a practising Anglican, this post is subject to an occupational requirement that the holder be a Communicant Anglican because of its representational role and its responsibility for maintaining a Christian ethos within the national Church, as one of its chief officers.

We believe that to be successful in the role, you will be a proven leader, with a clear and recent track record of achievement in senior management. You will need courage and tenacity, together with acute political sensitivity, great influencing skills and judgement. Having the intellectual rigour to deal with complexity and the relationship skills to be credible and influential with a diverse group of stakeholders is also an essential pre-requisite to the appointment.  

We have no doubts that this will be a challenging role, with further demands on resources, an absolute commitment to our mission and values and high expectations from all of our stakeholders. If you think you have what it takes to help to deliver a successful future for the Church of England then we look forward to hearing from you.  







John Spence
Chair, Archbishops Council Finance Committee

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